85 Turkish Dog Names for Girl and Boy Puppies (with Meanings)

Turkish Male Dog Names

Turkish Female Dog Names

If you just got a puppy of Turkish breeds, you can choose a Turkish origin name for your new dog.

Turkish Male Dog Names

  •     Talu (Good)
  •     Sami (High and lofty)
  •     Kadri (Valuable)
  •     Aslan (A lion)
  •     Fehmi (Understanding and comprehension)
  •     Khan (A title for a ruler in Ottoman Turkey)
  •     Kurt (A wolf)
  •     Eber (Good)
  •     Aziz (A Turkish writer)
  •     Tutku (Passionate)
  •     Sultan (Turkish title similar to king)
  •     Osman (The founder of the Ottoman Empire)
  •     Marmaris (A Mediterranean resort town)
  •     Zeka (Intelligent)
  •     Baris (Peaceful)
  •     Jefi (Experienced)
  •     Yusuf (The prophet Joseph)
  •     Fevzi (Winner)
  •     Nuri (Bright and shining)
  •     Aral (Aral lake)
  •     Battal (Larger than usual)
  •     Volkan (Volcano)
  •     Dora (The summit of a mountain)
  •     Alp (Heroic)
  •     Olca (Spoils of war)
  •     Beha (Hard to find)
  •     Veli (Guardian)
  •     Tigris (A river)
  •     Aras (A river)
  •     Batu (Strong)

  •     Tahir (Clean; decent)
  •     Fecri (A red dawn)
  •     Tayfun (“Typhoon” in Turkish)
  •     Zihni (Smart)
  •     Ferdi (Private)
  •     Demir (Iron)
  •     Tarkan (A Turkish pop singer)
  •     Habib (Beloved)
  •     Ağca (A pale white)
  •     Izmir (A city in western Anatolia)
  •     Vefa (Loyalty)
  •     Argun (Clear day)
  •     Tali (Lucky)
  •     Altan (Red dawn)
  •     Zeya (A bright light)
  •     Abbas (A lion hero)
  •     Berk (Hard, firm, strong)
  •     İbrahim (A Turkish folk singer)
  •     Akna (Frugal)
  •     Ferkan (Another form of strong)
  •     Azma (Powerful)
  •     Bolat (Hard as steel)
  •     Eberturk (A brave Turk)
  •     Tümay (A full moon)
  •     Hakki (Justice)
  •     Ahmet (Thanking God)
  •     Ezgü (A good one)
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Turkish Female Dog Names

  •     Kumru (A dove)
  •     Melda (Young and gentle)
  •     Ceyda (A beautiful long neck)
  •     Antalya (A Turkish resort city)
  •     Aksu (Clear and cool water)
  •     Kübra (Very big)
  •     Mara (After Mara Branković)
  •     Abu (A water lily)
  •     Sema (The sky)
  •     Tara (A star)
  •     Ela (Yellow or chestnut eyes)
  •     Leyla (A dark beauty)
  •     Aydan (From the moon)
  •     Deva (A homemade medicine)
  •     Hesna (A beautiful woman)
  •     Diba (A light brown silk)
  •     Derya (A great sea)
  •     Ahla (Cute and sweet)
  •     Baci (An older sister)
  •     Asya (Asia)
  •     Alanya (A resort town)
  •     Bibi (Aunt)
  •     Ankara (Capital city of Turkey)
  •     Avi (The color of fresh water)
  •     Belma (Docile)
  •     Verda (A rose)

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