Dogs love chewing things. They don’t do it just for fun, but they have to keep their teeth clean and keep their jaws in good shape. Puppies chew on things to relieve themselves when they go through the process of teething. And, as a pet parent, you are left with chewed up shoes, wire, pillows, of all the other things.

So, what is the solution to this problem? PawsIndia recommends dental chew toys.

There have been speculations whether chew toys for dogs are safe, vets suggest that chew toys for dogs can be good when you get the right kind of dog toys online.

PawsIndia brings you a guide on how to choose the best safe chew toys for puppies and dogs.


1. Understand what type of chewer is your dog

Not all dogs chew alike. To get safe chew toys for dogs, you need to identify your dog’s chewing type. According to our research, dogs exhibit 4 chewing patterns:

1. The Shredders:

This kind of chewing leads to your dog tearing or chewing everything to pieces. Eg: Your dog will tear carpets, pillows to pieces.

2. The eaters:

These dogs not only chew any object to piece but also tries to them. Eg: Have you seen your dog just gulp random stuff in its mouth?

3. The nibbler:

These are usually puppies who like to nibble on things. Eg: Puppies chewing on wires or slippers.

4. The tugger

These are not specifically chewers but they tug on things for their chewing needs.

2 Safe chew toys for dogs according to their chewing type

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1. The shredders:

For a dog who likes tearing into things, durable dog toys like rubber toys for dogs are a great option. The reason we recommend this toy is because rubber toys are usually very hard to tear, and this means it will last long for your dog.

2. The eaters:

No specific toy is necessary, but get something large so that your dog cannot eat it.

3. The nibblers:

These type of chewers are the most destructive. PawsIndia recommends dog teething toys like a dental toy, as this toy allows your dog to nibble on the stick but also makes sure that your dog’s teeth get cleaned and get stronger by the day.

4. The tuggers:

We have special toys made for these types of chewers. Toys like tug of wall, rope toys are great for this type of chewers.

Chew toys to avoid:

A lot of pet parents use bones or hard treats as chewing toys, those are not the best option, as these treats are high in calories and too much of those may lead to your doggy becoming obese.

Another kind of toys to avoid would be anything too hard. There is a difference between durable toys and toy that are just too hard. Hard toys can cause your dog to lose their teeth.

PawsIndia has some of the most brilliant safe toys for dogs to chew. You can visit our website to get the right kind for your pet.

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