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Top 100 Aztec Dog Names

Aztec names are a great choice if you’re looking for an unusual dog name, want to honor your Aztec heritage, or want a cool warrior name for your dog. Aztec names are also fun if you have a xoloitzcuintlis (xolo) as these Mexican hairless dogs date back 3000 years to the Aztec period of Mexico.

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We’ve listed the top 100 Aztec dog names in several categories, including Nahuatl language meaning and sometimes pronunciation.

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Aztec names for female dogs

Aztec Names for Female Dogs

If you have a new dog, several Aztec names can go well with your four-legged friend:

  1. chantinco: the one who lives in the house.
  2. chipahua: cleanliness, purity. this is an excellent name for a white dog like a samoyed.
  3. cihuaton: little woman (say ci-way-ton)
  4. coyolxauhqui o coyo: gold bells (it is said coy-olx-auh-qui). consider this Aztec name for a golden dog like a golden retriever.
  5. cuicatl: canto (say qui-cat-el)
  6. itzcali: beauty house
  7. nenetl: doll
  8. siuapilli: princess
  9. tayanna: god’s gift
  10. teicuih: younger sister (say tie-qui)
  11. teiuc: second son (say tay-uc)
  12. xocoyotl or xoco: younger sister (say zowk-ayow-tahl)
  13. zyanya: forever and ever.

Aztec names for male dogs

Aztec Names for Male Dogs

If you’re looking for a male-specific Aztec name for your canine companion, here are several ideas:

  1. acalan: canoe
  2. cozcatl: jewel
  3. montezuma or zuma: the lord frowns in anger (the name of the last ruler of the Aztec empire)
  4. milintic: stirs fire. this name would work really well for a dog with reddish hair, like a rhodesian ridgeback.
  5. nochehuatl: constant (say noh-chay-watl)
  6. tezcacóatl: king serpent (say tez-ca-co-atl)
  7. tlilpotonqui: black feathered (say tlil-poh-tohn-kee) . this would be an especially great name for a black dog like a black lab.
  8. xipilli: jeweled prince (let’s say szi-pi-li)
  9. zipactonal: harmonic light (say zi-pac-ton-al)

Aztec unisex names for dogs

  1. aztec: person from aztlan
  2. cualli: good (say kwal-li)
  3. ichtaca: secret
  4. itotia: dance
  5. izel: unique
  6. ohtli: road
  7. toltecatl: artist
  8. xipil: noble one, of fire (say szi -pil)
  9. yolotli: heart

Aztec nature names for dogs

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Aztec Nature Names for Dogs

If you’re a fan of nature, there are a plethora of Aztec dog names related to nature. choose an easy one like atl, which means “rain”, or one that speaks to your passions like tepeloyotl, which means “heart of the mountains”.

  1. Ácatl: giant cane
  2. ahuatzi: small oak (said aa-weyt-zi)
  3. anacaona: golden flower (say ahh-nuh-cuh-oo-na)
  4. atl: water
  5. atzi: rain
  6. citlalee: star
  7. citalic: rising star
  8. cozamalotl: rainbow. consider this name for a multicolored dog.
  9. erandi: sunrise
  10. meztli: moon. Does your dog have a moon-shaped spot? if so, this name could fit perfectly.
  11. ocotlan: pine
  12. quetzalxochitl or quetzal: precious flower, queen
  13. quetzalli: beautiful feather
  14. tepeloyotl: heart of the mountains (say teh-peh-loy-otl)
  15. tlachinoli: fire (say tla-chi-no-lee). this Aztec name could be perfect for a fiery red dog like an Irish setter.
  16. tlalli: earth (say tlal-li)
  17. tonaltzintli: sun
  18. tonatiuh: sun
  19. xihuitl: comet ee-tl)
  20. xiuhtecuhtli: fire (say shoo-teh-cut-lee). this is another name that would suit a reddish-colored dog, like a dachshund.
  21. xóchital: flower (say zo-chee-tul)

Aztec animal names for dogs

Sometimes it’s fun to name your dog after another animal. Give your dog a name related to an eagle, like guatemoc, or consider zolin (meaning “quail”) which sounds great.

  1. cipactli: crocodile
  2. coyote: wild dog (say coy-yoh-tay)
  3. coyotl: coyote (say cah-yow-tah). If your dog looks like a coyote, why not give him a coyote-related name?
  4. cuetzpallee: lizard (say kyeht-spal-ee)
  5. guatemoc: diving eagle
  6. huitzilin: hummingbird
  7. itzcoatl: obsidian serpent co-tah)
  8. itzpapalotl: obsidian butterfly
  9. mayatl: beetle
  10. mazatl : deer. if you have a greyhound or other deer-like dog, the Aztec word for deer might be a perfect choice.
  11. tecolotl: owl
  12. tochtli: rabbit. try this name for a fast dog or one with long bunny ears.
  13. xicohtencatl or xico: angry bumblebee (say schee-koh-ten-kahtl). Does your puppy have an attitude problem? if so, this name might fit.
  14. zolin: quail

Aztec food names for dogs

Aztec Food Names for Dogs

It’s not uncommon for people to name their dogs after foods. Aztec food names can make cute dog names. Why name your dog peanut when you could call him a peanut?

  1. ahuacatl: avocado
  2. atole: a drink popular in pre-hispanic mexico
  3. cacahuate: peanut
  4. cacahuatl: chocolate
  5. camote: sweet potato
  6. capulin: cherry
  7. chicle: chewing gum
  8. molli: sauce (where guacamole and mole originated )

names of Aztec warriors for dogs

Aztec Warrior Names for Dogs

If you are looking for an Aztec warrior name for your dog with a powerful demeanor, we have several options to choose from.

  1. atlatl: spear thrower
  2. chicahua: strong
  3. chimalli: shield
  4. chimalma: shield bearer
  5. eztli: blood
  6. iihicamina: the one who shoots the arrow to the sky (say il-hi-cam-i-na)
  7. milintica: stirs fire
  8. necalli: battle
  9. tlacenel: major hero (said tla-celel)
  10. tupoc: warrior . When he was two years old, the mother of rapper Tupac Shakur renamed him after the Peruvian revolutionary Tupac Amaru II.
  11. yaotl: warrior (say yow-tul)

names of Aztec gods for dogs

Aztec God Names for Dogs

While it’s common to hear people name their dogs after Greek and Norse gods, it’s not as common to find a dog named after an Aztec god. the Aztecs had over 200 deities that you can choose from if you find Aztec deity names appealing.

  1. camaxtli: Aztec god of hunting. this name would be perfect for a hunting dog.
  2. mictlantecuhtli: Aztec god of the dead (it is said miht-lan-tay-kuht-lee)
  3. ometecuhtli: Aztec god of duality and life (say oh-may-teh-kuht-lee)
  4. patecatl: Aztec god of drunkenness
  5. tezcatlipoca: Aztec god of the night sky and great bear constellation. this would be a fun name for a bear-like dog.
  6. tlaloc: Aztec god of rain
  7. xochipilli: Aztec god of love and flowers

Aztec goddess names for dogs

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There are a myriad of Aztec goddess name options you can choose from for your little canine goddess.

  1. aponzanolotl: Aztec goddess of purity (say a-poz-an-o-lot-oh)
  2. atlacoya: Aztec goddess of drought
  3. atlatonin: a name for the Aztec mother goddess
  4. chalchihuitlcue: Aztec goddess of water who accumulates in the earth (say chal-chee-weet-lee-kway)
  5. huixtocihuatl: Aztec goddess of fertility (say huix-tow-chi-wat-le)
  6. nahuatl: Aztec goddess of water and rivers and also the name of the Aztec language (say nah-wah-tl)
  7. tonantzin: Aztec mother earth goddess
  8. tozi: Aztec goddess of fresh and healing water

tips for naming a puppy

Naming Tips for Aztec Dog Names

Since you’ll be calling your dog’s name several times a day for years to come, it’s a good idea to be careful with the naming process. here are some tips to consider.

tip 1: wait to name your dog

While it’s tempting to give your dog an Aztec name right away, it may be best to wait a few days. why? Sometimes your dog’s personality doesn’t come through right away when he’s feeling a little scared on the first day. If you give your dog an Aztec warrior name like necalli but it turns out to be a great endearment, you may later wish you had named him yolotli.

tip 2: try your dog’s name

Not all names suit all dogs. try calling your dog by various names. some will fit better than others, and some may be easier for you to pronounce than others. tayanna might not really fit in, but tozi might be absolutely perfect.

tip 3: consider nickname options

Aztec words can be a real mouthful, but using nicknames can make some of the names more accessible. For example, Tezcacóatl can become Tezca, Xipilli can become Xippi, or Quetzalli can become Zalli.

give your dog an Aztec name

You can choose a random Aztec name that you like for your dog or one that has a special meaning, such as names related to nature, animals, warrior qualities or Aztec deities.

Whether your dog turns into xico, the angry bumblebee dog, or tlaloc, the Aztec rain god dog, there are a plethora of Aztec dog names that can be perfect for your unique canine friend.

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