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can dogs carry bedbugs? here’s what you need to know:

For many dog ​​owners, chances are they’ve had a nasty run-in with parasites. however, unlike common ones like fleas and dust mites, bed bugs hitchhike differently. Can dogs carry bedbugs?

read on to find out.

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what are bedbugs?

Bed bugs (cimex lectularius) are tiny insects that consume human and animal blood for their survival. As adults, these reddish-brown insects are at least 3/16 inch long, about the size of an apple seed with flat features.

plus, unlike fleas, these parasites don’t fly. rather, bed bugs crawl on surfaces like floors and ceilings. Bed bug eggs are microscopic and white. furthermore, the eggs take approximately seven days to hatch.

a bedbug can live for almost a year. and its long lifespan is mainly due to the insect’s ability to go up to 4 months without feeding. Also, bed bugs are active at night. they normally hide during the day near where human hosts sleep.

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When they enter your home, bed bugs will hide near sleeping areas, such as the mattress, box springs, sofa, and bed frame.

can dogs carry bedbugs?

Now, can dogs carry bed bugs? dogs and other furry friends rarely transmit bed bugs. Unlike fleas and ticks, bed bugs do not usually infest dogs. instead, bed bugs feed and return to their hiding places.

However, although these insects cannot live on your dog’s fur, dogs can carry bed bugs if they hide in their collars until they find a human host. It is worth noting that bed bugs prefer human blood because we lack hair, which makes it easier for them to feed. therefore, you (and your dog) are more likely to bring bed bugs into your home through infested luggage and second-hand furniture.

do bedbugs bite dogs?

While these parasites don’t like fur, bed bugs can still bite your pet. Plus, they’ll hide in your pet’s bedding just like they do yours. however, it can be challenging to detect bed bug bites in dogs. the only obvious sign of a bed bug bite is excessive scratching and licking. other noticeable symptoms include fecal staining, shedding skin, and dried blood on your dog’s bedding.

Keep in mind that it’s hard to tell the difference between bed bug bites and flea bites. therefore, we recommend taking your pet to the vet for an accurate prognosis.

can bed bugs transmit diseases to dogs?

Fortunately, bed bugs do not transmit disease. the problem, however, stems from excessive itching, which can result in an open wound. In addition, your dog’s paws have dirt and bacteria. therefore, the more they scratch, the more likely they are to get a secondary infection.

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signs of a bedbug infestation

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How do bed bug infestations start? bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers. therefore, they are likely to enter your home clinging to clothing, second-hand furniture, and luggage. Although rare, they can also hide in your dog’s collar and fur before (or until) they find a human host.

These are common signs that bed bugs have infested your home in Florida.

  • reddish-brown stools
  • red welts on you or your dog, especially around the ears and belly
  • blood stains on bedding
  • live bed bugs
  • shedding tan-colored skin

treatment of bed bugs in dogs

There are two practical steps to take if you suspect your dog has been bitten by bedbugs.

  • Treat your dog’s bedding and toys: You will need to put your dog’s bedding and toys in the washing machine on high heat to kill bed bugs and their eggs. Alternatively, you can safely dispose of these items if they are heavily infested.
  • Call or visit your veterinarian for professional advice; We recommend talking to your veterinarian before using any bed bug repellant. such a plan protects your dog from possible allergic reactions to insect repellants.

bedbug control

The first step in bed bug control is a thorough inspection. We recommend hiring professional exterminators to make sure you don’t miss out on any infested locations.

once the pest control company confirms an infestation, the next step would be to determine how to get rid of bed bugs from your home. You will need to prepare your home before bed bug treatment, and the preparation steps will depend on the level of infestation. if necessary, you may be advised to do the following.

  • tidy up your house
  • clean clothes and bedding in the washing machine on high heat
  • dry unwashable cloth items such as stuffed animals on high heat setting
  • vacuum all floors and upholstery
  • if necessary, safely dispose of heavily infested items by enclosing them in plastic bags
  • heat treat : Heat treatments for bed bugs are effective because they penetrate hard to reach areas ensuring both bed bugs and eggs are killed. only professionals should perform this form of treatment.

keep your furry companions safe by calling in the experts

You are more likely to carry bed bugs, and they will only hitchhike your dogs to get to you. mcdonald pest control offers complete thermal bed bug treatment and control for residential and commercial properties. protect your pets and your home from an infestation; Call us today at 727-734-0963 for safe and effective bed bug treatment.

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