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Can Dogs Eat Sugary Yogurt? Is There Danger?

Most dog treats are yogurt-free, but in fact, as an additive, some of the nutritional benefits for your dog will likely be provided by this type of dog food. this food. So what are the benefits that sweetened yogurt can bring to your dog, let’s find out through the following article.

Can Dogs Eat Sugary Yogurt?
Can Dogs Eat Sugary Yogurt?

Can dogs eat sweetened yogurt?

Some owners wonder if they should give their dogs sugar-sweetened yogurt? In fact, this is a good food for dogs, so they can completely use this food.
Sugar-sweetened yogurt can be a great lactose-free alternative to your dog’s nutritious diet in case they can’t tolerate lactose. Sugar-sweetened yogurt is a great alternative to meat protein for dogs who are allergic to protein-rich foods such as meat. Sugar-sweetened yogurt has the ability to support digestion and boost immunity thanks to its rich ingredients in probiotics, calcium and protein.
In fact, yogurt is good for the dog's digestive system
In fact, yogurt is good for the dog’s digestive system

Is it good for dogs to eat sweetened yogurt?

Sugar-sweetened yogurt can provide your dog with a number of beneficial and healthy nutrients in addition to serving as a delicious treat, including: Sugar-sweetened yogurt contains a lot of probiotics and protein. , minerals, many vitamins and calcium,…
The beneficial gut microbiota can be supplemented by live microorganisms found in sweetened yogurt (recognized by many foreign professors and doctors). Some strains of microorganisms have the ability to regulate the digestive system for your dog including: Streptococcus Thermophilus, Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus, …
To maintain and improve the health of your dog’s digestive system, you should regularly add sugary yogurt to your dog’s daily diet as advised by Dr. clinical assistant in nutrition at the University of Tennessee). In addition, adding sweetened yogurt to your dog’s meals should be made every day in order to prolong the benefits of probiotics.

What types of yogurt can dogs eat?

Low-fat, unflavored, and plain sweetened yogurts are great choices for dogs. For healthy dogs, regular sweetened yogurt or Greek yogurt both provide similar health benefits, however, there are also certain brands of yogurt that contain potentially harmful ingredients. affect the health of your dog, this is why you need to consider and choose carefully the brand of yogurt that your dog will use.
You need to avoid sugary yogurts that use artificial sweeteners or have chocolate flavors because the health of dogs can be affected by xylitol.
Some types of yogurt should be avoided for your dog, including:
Yogurt with any artificial sweeteners, especially Xylitol;
Yogurt with flavoring ingredients;
Anything flavored with chocolate;
Yogurt contains a lot of fat.

How to feed your dog with sugary yogurt

Making sweetened yogurt a special treat or adding it to your dog’s daily meal are some ways to add sugary yogurt to your dog’s diet.
However, some veterinarians have recommended that dogs should not be fed too much sugary yogurt because besides the health benefits that it brings, your dog will be very susceptible to weight gain in case of obesity. excessive use of this type of food. Specifically as follows, compared to the total calories that we need to provide dogs every day, the calories from yogurt should not account for more than 10%. Through the labels on each product, owners can know how many calories that type of sugary yogurt provides. For example, a regular 28g fat-free sweetened yogurt will contain about 15 calories. This means that, in the absence of any other high-calorie foods, 50g of yogurt per day is the amount of sugary yogurt that needs to be added for a dog weighing about 4.5kg. .
Note: You should consult your veterinarian before deciding to add sugary yogurt to your dog’s daily diet.
How to feed your dog with sugary yogurt
How to feed your dog with sugary yogurt

Some common problems when feeding dogs with yogurt

You need to determine if your dog has any problems digesting lactose before adding sweetened yogurt to their daily meals, because in fact some dogs can may have more difficulty digesting milk than other dogs. A dog that has a negative reaction to milk may have some other symptoms, such as:
lazy to eat;
Losing weight;
Abdominal pain and discomfort;
Excessive itching/scratching;
Poor body condition.
You should not add sweetened yogurt to your dog’s diet if there is any doubt about your dog’s ability to digest lactose.
The above article has provided you with some information to help you answer the question of whether to feed your dog sugary yogurt or not as well as the method of feeding your dog sugary yogurt. provided you with useful information.
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