Phases of Dog Sleep Cycles

cbd oil or dog treats can help your furry best friend get a good night’s rest. But before you go out and buy a cbd product for pets, you’ll need to visit your vet for a full checkup to see if your dog is in pain.

Dogs, like people, feel pain when they are sick or injured. That said, pain management is a routine part of the physical exam and treatment plan in veterinary medicine. With pain come different types of behaviors linked to a physical problem.

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This can be aggression, lethargy, or other behavioral changes. It is up to each pet owner to be able to recognize the signs of pain in their dogs, as dogs can act differently when they are in pain. Keep in mind that if your dog is in pain, he may be suffering from insomnia.

according to a new study on how cannabidiol can help with insomnia. The study added that “CBD appears to be better tolerated than routine psychiatric medications. Additionally, CBD shows promise as a tool to reduce anxiety in clinical populations,” via NCBI.

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a 2010 study on the effects of cbd on depression adds that “cannabidiol (cbd) is a non-psychotomimetic compound of cannabis sativa that induces anxiolytic- and antipsychotic-like effects in animal models. the effects of cbd may be mediated by the activation of 5-ht(1a) receptors, since the activation of the 5-ht(1a) receptor can induce antidepressant-like effects”, via pubmed.

The goal of the experiment was “to test the hypothesis that cbd would have antidepressant-like activity in mice as assessed by the forced swim test.” We also investigated whether these responses were dependent on activation of 5-ht(1a) receptors and hippocampal expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (bdnf).”

results showed that “treatment with bd (30 mg*kg (-1)) reduced immobility time in the forced swim test, as did the prototype antidepressant imipramine, without changing exploratory behavior in the open field . way100635 pretreatment blocked the cbd-induced effect in the forced swim test. cbd treatment (30 mg*kg(-1)) did not change bdnf levels in the hippocampus.

cbd induces antidepressant-like effects comparable to that of imipramine. these cbd effects were likely mediated by activation of 5-ht(1a) receptors.”

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another interesting research article from 2016 says that cbd induces effects similar to those of fast-acting antidepressants and enhances cortical 5-ht/glutamate neurotransmission. (The 5-ht 1a receptor is a subtype of 5-ht and binds with the neurotransmitter serotonin. It is a major inhibitory G-protein with subtypes found primarily in the neocortex.)

The study explains that “our results demonstrate that cbd exerts rapid and sustained antidepressant-like effects, as evidenced by reversal of obx-induced hyperactivity and anhedonia. in vivo microdialysis revealed that cbd administration increased significantly the levels of serotonin and glutamate in vmpfcx differently according to the emotional state and the duration of the treatment.

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The potentiating effect on neurotransmitter levels that occurs immediately after the first cbd injection could underlie the rapid antidepressant-like actions in obx mice.

Both the antidepressant effect and the enhanced cortical neurotransmission of 5-ht/glutamate induced by cbd were prevented by blockade of the 5-ht1a receptor. In addition, adaptive changes in presynaptic and postsynaptic 5-HT1a receptor functionality were also found after chronic CBD. In conclusion, our findings indicate that CBD could represent a new rapid antidepressant drug, by enhancing both serotonergic and glutamate cortical signaling through a 5-ht1a receptor-dependent mechanism, “through pubmed.”

tel aviv university in a 2014 clinical trial on cbd and its effects on depression adds that a low dose of thc reduces swelling and inflammation in the brain without psychoactive effects. The researchers also added that CBD has the same properties as THC without the “high,” and that it can produce similar results in humans, as it did in the mice tested.

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