All about the characteristics and price of French Bulldog – French Pug

The French Bulldog is famous for its scarcity and high price. This is not a breed for everyone, but it is one of the most popular in the world.
To satisfy the curiosity of the owner, many documents have been written about this dog. Now will also send you interesting information about this dog.
French Bulldog
French Bulldog

Origin of the French Bulldog

Although they share the same family name, the history of the French Bulldog is much smoother than that of the English Bulldog. The French Bulldog was created when English bulldogs arrived in France, and was bred with native French terriers in the late 19th century. New breeds were created, gentler and smaller than their ancestors.
The French Bulldogs were born at the end of the bloody campaign, so they couldn’t fight and could only be assigned to easier tasks like looking after the house or catching mice. The small appearance is also loved by the French and is often kept as a pet.

Characteristics of the French Bulldog breed

With a cute appearance, especially a pug-like face, the French Bulldog has the following outstanding features:
Body: Small and muscular, every fiber can be clearly seen when the French Bulldog exercises. Shoulders wider than hips, legs bigger than body, big and strong but short and strong.
Size: Height from foot to shoulder less than 30cm, weight from 8-13kg. The height of a beautiful French bulldog is equal to the length from shoulder to hip.
Coat: short, thin and smooth.
Skin: Very soft, especially the French Gaur’s facial skin tends to be thick and layered.
Head: Round forehead, high and wide. The ears of the French Bulldog are thin and large, always standing upright. Their eyes are far apart, dark in color, and their noses are flat and always upturned. The muzzle is flat and short, the jaw muscles strong. Thick lips and drooping eyelids almost completely cover the mouth.

Personality of the French Bulldog Bulldog

If the purebred English Bulldog is extremely inactive and likes to lie down, the French Bulldog is different. They are very cheerful and full of energy. You will always see them moving, running and playing. In particular, they are very friendly and love to play with children.
The French Bulldog is a very intelligent and affectionate dog. They always want to be close to their owners, to be pampered and cherished. If you are at home, they will always want to be with you. If you “forget” them for too long, they will appear sad and pitiful.
The French Bulldog is very docile and does not arbitrarily mess with other animals. They will only attack when they are joking around. You need to keep training them, as the French Bulldog is agile but quite stubborn. They are usually raised and cared for in the home. Although not aggressive, they are very alert and sensitive. Any strangers around your house will bark loudly.
When feeling comfortable, French Bull likes to lie on soft and smooth objects such as sofas, foam cushions… If you don’t focus on muscle training, you don’t need to let them practice for too long. You just need to give them 15-20 minutes a day to walk or jog. Due to the above appearance and characteristics, the French Bulldog is a suitable dog breed to keep in small spaces. For example, an apartment, an urban house or a house without a large garden…

Reasons to raise a French Bulldog

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