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If you spend any time around your dog (something we all tend to do), you’ve no doubt noticed that his breath is far from what any sane person would describe as “minty fresh.”

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In fact, with some dogs, a make-out session can make you feel absolutely sick to your stomach.

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If you’ve experienced this stinging scenario with your pet, it may be time to turn to one of the many fresh breath solutions offered by Troclean Fresh Breath, a company that specializes in a wide range of pet care products. .

In this article, we’ll briefly explain why some dogs have such bad breath and introduce you to some of the solutions Troclean offers.

We will also describe any unwanted side effects these products may cause.

is tropical fresh breath safe for my dog?

yes, this product is sold online and in pet stores and is generally considered safe for your dog.

You can ask your vet what they think about you using this product on your dog, to get a second opinion.

The local vet we consulted agreed that Tropical Fresh Breath is safe to use on dogs if you follow the recommended directions for use on the product.

what are the side effects of using tropiclean fresh breath?

When used as directed on the bottle, the only known side effects associated with Troclean Fresh Breath products are positive: pleasant smelling breath and good dental hygiene for your dog.

As with any product, however, there can be some unwanted side effects when used incorrectly.

For example, adding more than the recommended amount of Troclean Breath Drops to your dog’s water can cause stomach upset and even vomiting.

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In addition, using too much product can also produce a noticeable odor in the water bowl, which in turn can make your dog a bit reluctant to drink.

Ultimately, this can lead to dehydration, leading to kidney problems and other ailments.

about fresh tropical breath

The Troclean Company offers a number of products designed to promote fresh breath in dogs (and cats), most notably their Fresh Breath Drops.

Troclean Fresh Breath Drops are designed as a quick and easy way to eliminate bad breath in dogs.

Simply add two to three drops of the solution to your dog’s water bowl each time you refill it, and the active ingredients work to keep your pet’s breath fresh and minty for up to 12 hours.

The ease and convenience of using this product has attracted many pet owners, making Troclean’s Fresh Breath Drops one of the most popular dog dental hygiene products on the market today.

The Troclean Company is becoming famous in pet circles for its full range of dental hygiene products.

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some of these include:

  • fresh breath drops
  • dental wipes
  • tooth gel
  • dental hygiene bars, treats and toys
  • fresh breath sprays and foams
  • and more…

While all of Troclean’s products are designed to promote healthy teeth and gums and fresh breath, experts say they shouldn’t be used in place of, but in conjunction with, regular brushing and dental care.

why does my dog ​​have bad breath?

Bad breath in dogs can have many causes, some more serious than others.

According to experts, the biggest causes of bad breath in dogs are poor dental hygiene (plaque buildup), tooth decay, and gum disease.

Fortunately, all of these conditions can be mitigated or avoided altogether through a regular schedule of dental brushing and maintenance, as well as regular check-ups with your veterinarian.

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There are, of course, other possible causes of canine halitosis, including your dog’s eating habits.

Pets that are allowed to freely scavenge can leave the experience a little worse off in terms of breath, and some of the table scraps we offer can also produce undesirable results.

In addition to the causes above, there are several more concerning reasons why your dog’s breath may be a little off.

These include diabetes (a disgusting sweet smell), kidney disease, and oral tumors, just to name a few.

These hypothetical causes only reinforce the need for regular check-ups with your trusted veterinarian.

last word

As you can see, Troclean Fresh Breath is a safe product for you and your dog, as long as you follow the instructions.

even vets agree it’s a safe product for dogs.

It’s a great way to get rid of that yucky puppy breath we’re all familiar with.

plus, tropical fresh breath helps keep your dog’s teeth clean by fighting plaque buildup.

You can even put a few drops of Tropical Fresh Breath into your pups water instead of applying it directly to their teeth.

Just remember: you only need three drops, so don’t overdo it!

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