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It’s a fact – the more we exercise, the better our bodies feel. The same is true for our dogs. The healthier our dogs are, the less likely an injury will occur, the less likely joint diseases will develop, the stronger their heart and muscles will be, and they are much more likely to live longer. So, in a sense, our dogs also need to work out.

Obesity is a serious health issue found in dogs. The two major culprits that contribute to this issue are inactivity and overeating. Just like in humans, a lack of regular exercise increases the risk of our dogs becoming overweight. Our dogs too enjoy food as much as we do, it’s that they eat too much and people seldom keep an eye on the calorie and sugar content of their meals. Pet parents are also known to feed their dog treats to shut them up when they are causing a ruckus. Some people have a tendency to keep their dogs’ food bowls loaded with full but in reality, they’re overfeeding their child. As a result, dogs get obese and workout with a strict diet is the only option left for them to bring back to fitness and a healthier lifestyle.

Many dog obesity problems can be reversed or prevented by making some simple changes to their diet and increasing their exercise. There are numerous different diets specifically designed for dogs for weight loss or weight maintenance. But we as pet parents must help our dogs to lose weight and stay in shape by making sure they are getting enough exercise. Daily walking your dog is a great exercise, but we can also develop indoor exercises like doggie boot camp and other dog-friendly routines for them to participate in. Talk to your vet about whether your dog is already getting enough exercise and ask for any tips or advice they can offer to help you keep your dog fit at home.

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We have tried to list a few easy exercises for your dogs:


  • Puppy Push-Ups: Puppy push-ups are an easy and fun way to tire out your dog while working out the major muscles in its body. You can use toys or treats to make it more interesting for your dog. Start with short, gentle exercises and work your way up to harder ones as your dog becomes stronger. We usually recommend starting with bodyweight exercises and then gradually increasing the complexity as they become comfortable with those.

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  • Stretching: Stretching is a great way to keep your dog limber and healthy. By taking short breaks throughout the day to stretch, your dog can avoid the risks associated with tight muscles. Not only will stretching help keep your dog limber, but it’s also a great way to help reduce the risks associated with obesity. Keeping your dog moving throughout the day, reduces the amount of time it spends being inactive, which helps to keep the risks associated with inactivity at a minimum.

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  • Tugging: Tugging is a good way to exercise and burn calories. Most dogs will burn roughly 20 calories every minute that they spend tugging. If you have a dog that is overweight, tugging can be a great way to exercise. Your dog will feel energized and will burn calories while doing it. By getting right into the game with them, you encourage them more. If sometimes you’re busy, get them the Tug of Wall. It is a self-play toy that’ll stimulate your dog and give them the feeling of playing tug of war while cleaning their teeth.

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  • Fetching: Some dogs like to work out more than others. If your dog loves to play fetch, go enjoy a few throws with them. It can be an easy way to tire them out while working out the major muscles in their body. You can use toys or even a stick to make it more interesting for your dog. Start with short, gentle exercises and work your way up to harder ones as your dog becomes healthier. Grab a Rugby Bell Toy from Pawsindia to enjoy your fetching sessions.


Another interactive toy that your doggos are sure to have a fun time playing with and will provide them with the necessary exercise is the Wicked Ball. It is a self-rolling motor ball that dogs love to follow. It will give your dog the necessary cardio exercise and help in their weight loss journey.

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While these exercises are very effective there’s still a lot more that can be done on the diet front. Diet plays a key role if your dog is to ever lose weight and become healthy. Proper portioning of daily kibble is the least of your worries. Try to keep a check on the treats you put into your good boi. Treats should not account for more than 10% of your dog’s daily diet. Switch to protein-rich treats with low calories and witness the results for yourselves. With creamy but equally healthy snacks such as the Licks Peanut Butter, your dogs are sure to enjoy licking on this delectable treat. The consistency is perfect to hide medicines and to add in their bowl just in case they throw a tantrum while eating their daily kibble. Another such healthy treat is Raw Bites from Pawsindia Organics which is sure to excite your dog in their dieting days. These dehydrated meat jerkies have very low calories and fats in them. Plus, they are made with high-quality exotic meat making them rich in protein and perfect during diets.

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With proper diet and regular exercise, your dog is sure to lead a happy, healthy and fit life. As for their food needs, treats, dietary supplements or new interactive, teething, fetching toys, etc you’ve got Pawsindia.

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