If you walk your dog bare paws on streets and garden, you need to stop right now! What if we told you you are not taking care of your dog’s paws right? You heard us right. Your dog’s paws are much more sensitive than you think. A lot of people believe that shoes for dogs are not important and are merely an accessory for good looks. It is untrue. Wearing shoes while walking your dog brings numerous benefits to your dog.

Do you go out for jogs and hikes bare feet? No, right? So, why would your dog? Animals with soft pads and are just as sensitive to the surface as humans, or even more so. And, unlike street dogs, they are not habituated to the surrounding of the streets. They are much more sensitive and their paw pads and can be very easily damaged which is whyprotective footwear for dogs is an absolute necessity.

A lot of things can happen to your dog if they get out bare paws. Some of them include: Cuts in their pads, wearing out of pads and becoming painful, burned pads due to walking on the hot pavements. A good pair of dog shoes will protect your dog’s paw pads from any kind of injury and keep them healthy.

We need to educate ourselves on how can we take the best care of your dog’s paws so they do not cause any problems in the longer run. Also, as a dog’s age, their paws show signs of wear and tear. Which is why vets suggest shoes for dogs at an early age so their feet stay healthy longer. Shoes act as an extra layer of cushioning and support for your pet’s paw pads.


Here are 5 important reasons why you should get your dog shoes:

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1.Protects Paw pads from heat

Ever walked you dogs in the summers? The roads get super hot! It hurts for your dogs. Think of walking your dog in the heat on hot payments as walking in the hot sand, it is bound to hurt. You can make your dog’s life easier by getting them shoes for their paw pads. Dog shoes will protect your dog’s paws from burning when you are out in the heat by creating a barrier between the hot ground and their pads and by providing cushioning.

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2. Reduce injury and illness:

If your pet has already suffered an injury or cut on their paws, getting them shoes will be a saviour as it will help relieve some pain from the cuts and injury and also allow your pet to walk better. It will also ensure that the injury does not further go bad or worsen. As dogs get older the friction causes their pads to burns which means that your dog will have problems walking and will hurt after a while.

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3. Protection from cold and snow:

Since winter is around the corner, people tend to miss that as important as protection from heat so is from cold and snow. Imagine walking bare feet in freezing snow! It is bound to hurt. And so it is for your dog as well. Dog shoes for winterare an absolute necessity So when walking a dog in winter you can protect your pet’s paws by making them wear shoes.


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4. Protection from salt and chemical burns:

The streets today are full of chemicals which are harmful to your furry friend’s feet. Streets today contain traces of toxic heavy metals, like lead, mercury. It is advisable to never walk your pets bare paws. Salt can be bad for your feet as well. It irritates, and even burns.

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5. Keep your house clean:

Another reason that makes senses is that your dog when walks bare paws on the streets, they are bound to bring home endless germs and ruin your sofa, floor, and your clothes. Also, it is not hygenic! Which is why shoes for dogs has an added advantage which is it keeps your house clean. And, do not get us started for those who have hardwood floor! Your dog’s nails are bound to leave scratch marks, which does not look very good. Even if most dog parents try to wipe their dog’s feet the best they can, they are still quite dirty and need to be thoroughly cleaned. On the other hand, shoes are removed before you go into the house, so you do not have to spend a lot of time wiping the feet when you are restlessly jumping around. We at PawsIndia bring you our best dog shoes, Made from extremely high-quality fabric, they are one of the best dog shoes amongst all the dog shoes online. These shoes are excellent for regular everyday walks and can also be worn for long-distance hikes. Rugged: Tough anti-slip sole provides stability and traction, protection from sharp thorns and hot pavement. Adjustable, and reflective Velcro straps ensure your pet can be spotted at night. The shoes are also difficult to slip off. These are fast drying and can be machine washed. These extremely comfortable shoes are made from soft material and easy to wear. And, best of all these shoes are suitable for dogs all size. Features:

  • anti-slip sole
  • Reflective Velcro straps for visibility
  • soft and hand washable shoes
  • Non-slip and waterproof
  • Moulded rubber bottom
  • water-resistant material


At PawsIndia, we aim to make the lives of pet parents easy and convenient and also pamper your furry friends and shower them with the love they deserve. Staying true to our promise of being there for you and your furry friends, we hope our handpicked and curated pamper goodies will make your as well as you and your dog’s lives better!

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