27 Dog Jokes for Kids That Will Have Them Barking with Joy

Perhaps the only thing kids love more than silly, corny jokes are dogs. big dogs, small dogs, yorkies, newfies, retrievers – if he barks and lets you pet him, kids generally accept him. What better way to entertain the kids, then, than with some good dog jokes to make the kids laugh out loud?!

Maybe your corgi is doing something silly and you take a picture of it to make a dog meme. Or maybe they make a funny sound or look like a cartoon dog! the smiles our dogs inspire show how important a good laugh can be.

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You may be wondering how you pick just one joke, but we don’t think you have to limit yourself. take as many puns and dog jokes as you want! these hilarious jokes will brighten up any bad day.

dog jokes for kids

1. What is the dog dentist’s favorite tooth?

the canine.

2. What is a dog’s favorite song to listen to after a bath?

“shake it off” by taylor swift.

3. Why should you be careful when petting dogs on the street?

You wouldn’t want to rub the wrong mutt!

4. why do dogs howl at the night sky?

They are trying to communicate with the crustal side of the moon.

5. What kind of dog is most like a cat?

a purring shepherd.

6. why is a dog like a tree?

they both enjoy a good bark at the park.

7. why was everyone surprised that I let my puppy drive my car?

They had never seen a dog park before. You’ll also love these best knock knock jokes for kids.

puppy jokes for kids

8. What does a dog stay on when he goes camping?

a small tent.

Pup Up Tent Dog Joke

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9. Why do puppies leave litter wherever they go?

They are part of a litter.

10. Why does my newborn dog never want to leave my side?

He’s in love with puppy!

11. What genre of music do young dogs like best?

puppy music.

12. what is it called when a puppy chases a squirrel to the wrong plant?

barking up the wrong tree. If you like dog jokes, these wolf puns will be a lot of fun too.

create specific jokes

13. when it rains cats and dogs, what do you risk intervening?

a poodle.

Stepping In A Poodle Dog Jokerd.com, Getty Images

14. what do you say when two dogs are in love?

They caught the pug of love.

15. How do dogs say goodbye?

chou chou!

16. What breed of dog has never done anything wrong?

saint bernard.

17. If they had to cast only dogs in the movies, who would play Harry Potter?

radcliffe spaniel.

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Spaniel Radclifffe Dog Jokerd.com, Getty Images

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18. what kind of dog is also a lamb?


19. what do dog lovers bundle up when it’s cold outside?

a warm and friendly setter.

20. Why does my dog ​​always have back pain?

it’s a mastiff. here are 100 short jokes for kids that are easy to remember.

21. which dog is the quietest?

the alaskan malamute.

22. What kind of dog does Santa have?

an elvish setter.

23. what was the dog’s job at the fancy hotel?

He was a labrador retriever.

Labradorman Dog Jokerd.com, Getty Images

24. What is a witch’s favorite breed of dog?

a scarier yorkshire.

25. what kind of dog should you use to help open a door?

an a-key.

26. What is a dog that does yoga called?

a folding retriever.

27. what kind of dog never throws anything?

a hoarding collie. For more laughs, check out these animal memes you can’t help but laugh at.

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