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history and origin

these are dogs from the island of newfoundland, initially known as st. john dogs, recognized for being the ideal companion for fishermen, as he helped them retrieve fish that escaped from nets and hooks and later also spent time with his master’s family. They began to become popular in the first half of the 19th century when they were noticed by English noblemen visiting Canada. They became the pets of earls and lords until the 19th century, when breeders took the initiative to refine and standardize this breed. It was recognized by the British Kennel Club in 1903 and by the AKC in 1917.

English vs American labs

Labs in England and America differ from each other in physical characteristics and behavioral traits. While English Labradors are better suited to any home that wants a pet, American varieties are more energetic and suitable for experienced owners who can give them more time to train and field test. In terms of appearance, English Labradors have blocky heads, while American dogs are slender and long-legged.

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labrador retriever mixes

  • goldador – golden retriever x labrador retriever
  • afador – afghan hound x labrador retriever
  • bassador – basset hound x labrador retriever
  • huskador – husky x labrador retriever
  • labradoodle – labrador retriever x poodle
  • rottator – labrador retriever x rottweiler
  • labmaraner – labrador retriever x weimaraner
  • labernese – labrador x bernese mountain dog

temperament and personality

They have a charming, relaxing disposition with a keen sense of smell that helps them track down any scent that reaches their noses.

They are friendly with children, they mingle amicably with the little ones and they also tolerate the noise or disturbance they make.

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As far as their interaction with strangers goes, they are quite friendly with any host, so they are not suitable as guard dogs.

Labs are not loud when it comes to barking, nor are they territorial, but only vocal when hearing a noise from an unseen source.

They also share a good relationship with other dogs and cats, especially if they are raised with them. Labradors are curious, they always enjoy the company of people and exciting scents as well. therefore, you need to keep them engaged, otherwise they could become escape artists and disappear in no time.

as working dogs

Because of their innate sense of smell, police and military forces use them as detection dogs to track down smugglers, black dealers, terrorists, and thieves.

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These dogs are brilliant swimmers known to withstand extremely cold water for prolonged periods, making them suitable as lifesaving dogs to rescue people from the water.

Labradors are popular for their sweet disposition and high level of intelligence ranking 7th in intelligence of dogs by stanley coren therefore they are used in handicap assistance helping the blind and autistic , they are also taken to hospitals and homes for the elderly to calm and comfort them.

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  • exercise


    health problems


    They are intelligent and sweet-tempered, so training them would not be tedious, but it takes a firm foreman to handle them well.

    • socialization: Although they have a warm and pleasant character, socializing Labrador puppies would help them identify the good from the bad. they should be used to people with different physical features and different situations, in this way they could identify which stranger is a threat and who is not.
    • leash training: they are enthusiastic and energetic, also known for their escape tactics, therefore leash training should start from when they are puppies, otherwise adult puppies could have a tendency to pull on the leash.

    interesting facts

    • bill clinton was famous for having labradors named seamus and buddy.
    • vladimir putin had a labrador named koni.
    • several kennel clubs and organizations have taken the initiative to microchipping labs as well as having their names and addresses on the collar and tags as they are at risk of being stolen.
    • a yellow lab has been the mascot of andrex toilet papers since 1972, while michigan state university also had the black and yellow labs as zeke for zeke the wonderful dog.
    • endal, a black lab showed remarkable excellence in retrieving an unconscious man from under the car, retrieving her mobile phone and covering it with a blanket and also running to an adjacent hotel for help.

    labrador retriever versus golden retriever

    • Labradors are slightly larger than Golden Retrievers.
    • Labradors are stocky, solid, and muscular, while Golden Retrievers are graceful and graceful.
    • goldens have a soft and gentle temperament than labradors.

    labrador retriever attacks

    Although they are sweet and friendly in temperament, there have been previous reports of this dog attacking people on various occasions such as a Labrador that killed a 5-year-old girl in 1997 and a 2-year-old boy in 1987

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