30 Best Names for Dogs With Big Ears or Floppy Ears

Are you looking for dog names that mean big ears? We’ve put together the ultimate list of the best floppy-eared dog names for male and female puppies.
Dogs’ ears express a variety of emotions, from anxious attention to terror to relaxed satisfaction. The larger the ears, the stronger the statement of your dog’s mood at the time. If you’re looking to name a puppy with big pointy ears, long floppy ears, or giant ears like a donkey’s, here’s a full list of cute names for dogs with big ears from literature, film, and lore, many of which are unisex.
Pet owners love to choose a dog with big ears as a member of their family. As you know, many dog ​​breeds have floppy ears like a cute beagle, a basset hound, obviously an English cocker spaniel, a poodle, a setter, and many more.
To help you get started with the process of choosing a good name for your puppy, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of the best male and female names for floppy-eared dogs.

Names for dogs with big floppy ears

Large, floppy dog ​​ears are usually associated with bloodhounds. these ears, especially those of bloodhounds, are meant to help the dog carry the scents of those being tracked right up to its nose. Often, these dogs also have beards on their necks (loose folds of skin on the neck), which help trap these odors close to the nose. The best lop-eared dogs and hounds include the Bloodhound, the Basset Hound, and the Coon Hound, among others. These dog names for our lop-eared companions will give you a variety of dog name ideas for your velvet-eared friend.

  • babs bunny: the sister of bugs bunny and supposed transgender counterpart of bugs. The drag bunny scenes are actually performed by Babs, who dons various female costumes to throw bombs and various demolition devices at Bug Bunny’s enemies.
  • baggins: baggy diminutive of bilbo baggins, in the trilogy of the hobbit and the lord of the rings.
  • big shot: lead rabbit with floppy ears.
  • bugs: the quintessential cartoon bunny of warner brothers fame.
  • eeyore: lop-eared donkey from winnie the pooh; eeyore is based on the sound a donkey makes.
  • flopsy: one of peter rabbit’s sisters and mother of six floppy-eared bunnies.
  • honey bunny: Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend.
  • huck: huckleberry hound – cartoon character
  • mimzy: a stuffed rabbit that boosts the intelligence of all children who play with it. mimzy is a good name for a family pet.
  • trix: cereal spokesman rabbit.

List of top floppy eared dog names for boy and girl puppies

  • lottie
  • small
  • wink
  • five
  • wings
  • elfie
  • lucas
  • lev
  • white
  • nala
  • meas
  • holly
  • ode
  • gremlin
  • radar
  • mimi
  • errors
  • roger
  • Miss
  • skywalker
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Dog names that mean big ears

  • hero
  • ma’am
  • buddy
  • cooper
  • bingo
  • bolt
  • bright
  • herby
  • lulu
  • izzy
  • hate
  • huck
  • thysma
  • acorn
  • finn
  • roo
  • hazelnut
  • silver
  • elvy
  • snowball

Male dog names with long ears

  • jelly
  • winnie
  • helie
  • yoda
  • bell
  • sue
  • elmo
  • kanga
  • potter
  • half
  • dandy
  • chicken
  • freda
  • luck
  • bunny
  • vein
  • cunning
  • boogie
  • toto
  • audio

Dog names with long ears

  • lumi
  • blackberry
  • silky
  • flopsia
  • poirot
  • cottontail
  • charlie
  • dotty
  • tilly
  • owl
  • beautiful
  • echo
  • peter
  • luis
  • coconut
  • lara
  • gromit
  • turn
  • big fish
  • floppy disk
  • looper

Names for dogs with big ears

  • moose
  • bolt
  • ma’am
  • august
  • fallen
  • ivy
  • huck
  • snowball
  • rage
  • theodore
  • poirot
  • weezer
  • bites
  • finn
  • explorer
  • agate
  • herby
  • silver

12 goofy dogs with floppy ears

12 Dogs with Floppy Ears

  • basset hound
  • beagle
  • sausage dog
  • hound
  • cocker spaniel
  • king charles spaniel
  • weimaraner
  • Afghan hound
  • saluki
  • golden retriever
  • habanero
  • placer

Names for dogs with big ears

  • audi: audiologist, practitioner of the healing arts for the prevention and treatment of hearing loss.
  • augie dog: A popular cartoon from the 1960s featuring a puppy with large floppy ears.
  • Baba Looey: Another 1960s cartoon. Quick Draw McGrawFeatured a prankster white horse, Quick Draw, and his Mexican donkey sidekick, Baba Looey.
  • bambi: long-legged, long-eared fawn from the Disney classicbambi.
  • big fish: watership down rabbit, known for his great strength, courage, and fighting ability. Bigshot’s name comes from an unusually thick tuft of hair on his head. he’s stubborn, but that serves him well in his loyalty to his clan in watership down. Name your dog a big shot if you’re looking for a powerful family advocate.
  • Brighty: Brighty was a real-life donkey immortalized by children’s book author Marguerite Henry in her award-winning book, Brighty of the Grand Canyon. brighty is a loyal donkey loved for his perseverance and kindness.
  • Bugs: Bugs Bunny is the prankster bunny from the warner brothers who makes fun of elmer fudd and daffy duck every day.
  • mozo: In the most widely read novel of all time, don quixote, by miguel de cervantes, sancho panza’s steed is a donkey called mozo.
  • hotay donkey: a nice game about the previous cervantes novel, don quixote. you can call your dog hotay for short.
  • eeyore: clinically depressed donkey and companion of winnie the pooh.
  • fennec: The fennec fox is all ears! Playful and energetic, they are a much-loved pet in Russia.
  • fiver: One of the watership down rabbits , fiver is small in size, but possesses a sixth sense. he is able to predict disasters based on a vague sense of doom. Initially, her gifts are dismissed as insane, but since his predictions never fail, her gifts are eventually viewed with respect.
  • flopsy: from the series of beatrix potter tales including the story of peter rabbit, the story of the flopsy bunnies,and the story of mr. all flopsy is the mother of the flopsy bunnies.
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More names for dogs with long or tall ears

  • hazel: hazel becomes the “head rabbit” of a group that flees from a disaster and makes a new home on a hill called watership down; group includesfiver, bigwig, blackberry, dandelion, pipkin, silver, holly, bluebell, speedwell, hawkbit, buckthorn, acornand many others.
  • kanga: short for kangaroo, Australian marsupial.
  • March: The March Hare, in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, is as angry as the Hatter, believing that it is always time to tea. perpetually late, march is a good name for a dog that tends to hesitate when called home.
  • Midas: King Midas is well known for his magical touch that turned anything he came in contact with to gold. less well known is the fact that he had donkey ears. Midas was asked to judge a musical contest between the Greek gods, Apollo and Pan. Each god played to the best of his ability, and ultimately Midas considered Pan to be the best musician. Apollo was outraged because he trusted that he was the greatest talent. Apollo explained to Midas that the reason for his misjudgment was that he had defective hearing. Apollo corrected Midas’ deficiency by giving him a pair of donkey ears, so that Midas would hear better.
  • mimi: Japanese for ears.
  • ohren: German for ears.
  • peter: a prominent character in the old mother west wind series, in some books known as peter cottontail orpeter rabbit .
  • pikachu: A Japanese icon, Pikachu is the most popular Pokémon species in the Pokémon franchise.
  • pookie: a small white rabbit with wings that appears in a series of short stories by ivy wallace.
  • puzzle: a donkey character in c.s. the book of lewis the chronicles of narnia.
  • radar: the acronym for radio detection and r anging, the radar scans radio waves to detect objects in the air or water.
  • roger: the character of roger rabbit appeared in the live-action animated film who framed roger rabbit.
  • roo: short for kangaroo, winnie the pooh’s dear friend.
  • simon: Hebrew for “one who hears”.
  • spock: star trek character with pointy ears and green blood. spock is a great name for an austere breed of dog like the Doberman or Great Dane.
  • sloo-shy-oo: Russian for “I’m listening”.
  • thumper: rabbit enthusiast of disney animation bambi.
  • whitey: the white rabbit of jefferson plane fame.
  • yoda: great Jedi warrior from the star wars franchise. Yoda is small, wise, and agile, which makes him a great name for a competitive obedience or agility dog.

Elven names for dogs with large pointed ears

  • arwen: elven princess who lavishes immortality to help save mankind from doom, lord of the rings trilogy.
  • dobby: house elf from the harry potter series.
  • elleth: elven-woman in tolkien elvish.
  • ellon: efl-man in elvish tolkien.
  • ernie: goblin head keebler.
  • galadriel: elven queen with the power of foresight, lord of the rings.
  • haldir: elven prince from the lord of the rings.
  • hermey: Santa’s elf who secretly wants to be a dentist.
  • keebler:company of cookie-baking goblins that live in trees.
  • legolas: lord of the rings, prince of the black forest.
  • snap, crackle or pop: rice krispies goblins
  • zack: Keebler’s Candy Factory Overseer

Names for breeds of giant dogs with big ears

  • harvey: a film directed by alfred hitchcock, starring jimmy stuart as elwood p. dowd, an affable man who claims to have an invisible friend, harvey. Elwood describes Harvey as a six foot three and a half inch tall pooka (from Irish/Celtic mythology) a creature that resembles a rabbit.
  • horton: dr. Seuss’s classic Horton Hears Who is the story of an elephant, Horton, who discovers the microscopic world of Whoville and protects it from a variety of nearby tragedies. Horton’s character is marked by his kindness towards other species. in another dr. seuss book, horton hatches an egg, horton sits on an egg until
  • morton: a small winged elephant, hatches. Horton continues to raise Morton throughout the rest of the book.
  • jumbo: star attraction in p.t. the greatest barnum show on earth, this gigantic circus elephant came from africa.


What do you call a dog with floppy ears?

There are many naming considerations for these furry friends, such as floppy, dumbo, and bugs for a male. For a woman, you might consider amelia (after amelia earhart), velvety or silky. You can also consider naming her dog just by looking at her face and her floppy ears to the side.

The agency said it favors lop-eared dogs over pointy-eared dogs, especially in jobs that require interacting with traveling passengers, because lop-eared dogs seem friendlier and less aggressive. “presents a little less concern”, the t.s.a.
Guys, this is the perfect list of 30 Best Names for Dogs With Big Ears or Floppy Ears. We hope you will like the lovely collection of dog names. share these names with friends and family on social media.

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