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If you are looking at this newborn puppy care guide, it either means you want to get yourself a pup or you already have one. And if you are wondering should I even get myself a puppy, it is a huge responsibility, will I be able to take care of it? Doubts are acceptable, but if you think you are ready, this puppy care guide will help understand how you can rock the pet parent life and make it easier for yourself and your amazing new pet!

Being said that, getting an adorable puppy comes with its responsibilities. You need to understand, experiment, and constantly try various ways about how to take care of a puppy. Puppy care can be a lot of things, fun, stressful, and even rewarding at times. And trust us, bringing a new puppy home and taking care of a puppy requires a lot of prep, work, and patience.

But, it is a wonderful experience to go through!

Here is a 10- step guide on how to take care of a puppy:


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. Puppy-proof your house:

This step in necessary to create a safe space for your puppy.
You should keep things like Electrical items and cords, Chemicals and toxins, Breakables, Valuables, etc out of their reach.

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. Get puppy supplies:

Things like food bowls, collars, leashes, beds food need to available before you bring a puppy home.

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. Diet and Exercise planning:

It is a given that you need to feed your puppy, nutritious food that will help them grow better, with that exercise is an essential part of puppy care.

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. Sleeping routine and setup:

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It is important to have a designated area for your puppy to sleep and also a sleep schedule. Keep your puppy somewhere close to you so they do not get lonely and get anxious. DO NOT LET YOUR PUPPY SLEEP IN YOUR BED, they might develop a habit of it!

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. Potty training:

Puppies urinate frequently and it important that we allow them to relieve themselves as and when they need which almost every two hours. So, you should take them outside or get them a pee mat for the same.

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. Rewarding good behaviour:

Looking after a puppy can become easier with rewarding and pushing practice. This is the time when you can get them to inculcate good habits that will be beneficial in the longer run. And, you can do so by rewarding them every time they obey you or do something good.

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. Vet visits:

We cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to take your pet to the vet regularly. Stay ahead of their health.

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. Supervise them:

Supervise their training, monitor their health, ensure what expect for the dog is being executed. This will keep you from worrying and ensure the inculcation of good habits.

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. Familiarize them with the outside world:

Take them for walks where they see different things, meet different people, socialize with other dogs. This will ensure your dog knows what to do any situation and not shy away from new things.

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. Track them:

Possibility of your puppy leaving the house and getting lost is low, but still, it is wise to track them with GPS tracker so you can always be aware of them and make sure they are safe.

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Implement these dog care tips and constantly evolve with your pet to understand how to take care of a dog.

At PawsIndia, we aim to make the lives of pet parents easy and convenient and also pamper your furry friends and shower them with the love they deserve. Staying true to our promise of being there for you and your furry friends, we hope our handpicked and curated pamper goodies will make your as well as you and your dog’s lives better!

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