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Water fountains may seem like a fancy and unnecessary pet accessory, but they can actually be very beneficial. They are more hygienic than stationary water bowls and can encourage dogs to drink more water and prevent dehydration.

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There are many different types and models, so it can be overwhelming trying to find a water fountain that is right for your dog. So, we’ve got a few reviews of some of the best dog water fountains to help keep you on track. Along with the reviews, we have a buyer’s guide to help you determine which water source will be best for your furry friend.

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a quick comparison of our favorites in 2022

the 10 best water fountains for dogs

The Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain is a very complete and sufficient water fountain, making it the best overall dog water fountain. holds one gallon of water, which is enough for large dog breeds and multi-pet households. however, it may not be enough water for extra-large breeds.

Water falls from all directions, so your dog can easily access the flowing water. The stainless steel base resists bacteria and is also dishwasher safe. the fountain should be cleaned every 2 weeks, and multi-pet households should clean it more often.

You can also adjust the lid to change the flow of water, and the ramps on the side of the fountain prevent splashing. The base of the fountain has rubber feet to prevent it from slipping or tipping over.

If you’re looking for food and water bowls for your favorite furry friend, we recommend the hepper nom nom bowl.

The mustache-friendly plates and wide catch pan are some of our favorite features, and we just had to share them with you! The bowls are made of stainless steel and are completely dishwasher safe, making life as a pet parent as easy as possible. click here to try it out.

At Pet Enthusiasm, we have admired Hepper for many years and decided to take a majority ownership interest so that we could benefit from the extraordinary designs of this great cat company!

the frisco square dog & the cat fountain is a relatively affordable option. it may not have many extra features, but it’s reliable, making it the best dog water source for the money.

The fountain has a splash-minimizing design, and you can rest assured and adjust the water flow to a low level. it has a clean, contemporary design, comes in neutral colors, and makes little to no noise. therefore, it blends well into any room.

cleaning this pan may be a bit more inconvenient than other pans because it is not dishwasher safe. if you maintain it properly, cleaning is a simple process. most pieces come apart easily, and all you have to do is wash the bowl with a soft sponge and mild dish soap. however, many dog ​​owners have reported that it can be difficult to remove the cord from the pump when it comes time to clean the fountain.

the ceramic seascape dog from drinkwell & the cat fountain has a sleek and clean design. It’s also very quiet, so it won’t scare away any timid dogs, and all you’ll hear is the soothing sound of bubbling water.

The filter is made of two parts. It has a foam piece that blocks hair and dirt from circulating in the bowl. It also has a piece of carbon filter that eliminates odor and bad taste, so your dog will always drink clean and refreshing water.

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For single pet households, the fountain can be cleaned every two weeks. It’s easy to take apart and clean, and it’s also dishwasher safe. The fountain is quite heavy, so young pups won’t be able to knock it over easily.

The fountain does not have a very high water capacity, so it is better for small and medium dogs.

Dog water fountains can be very beneficial for puppies because they may be more susceptible to bacterial infection. their immune systems are not as developed as the immune system of an adult dog. however, it can be difficult to find a good water source because puppies may want to play with the water stream, rather than drink from it.

petsafe creekside ceramic dog & The cat fountain is a good choice for pups because it doesn’t have a single stream of water splashing into a catch basin. rather, it has water flowing directly up a tower and into a bowl, eliminating jets and streams.

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The bowl and tower are very soft and make drinking water very easy and comfortable. The fountain pump is also very quiet, so timid and timid pups can approach it without reservation.

The font has a great design for puppies, but it won’t grow with larger dog breeds. It only holds 60 ounces of water, which is not enough for large adult dogs.

drinkwell & The cat fountain has one of the largest water capacities you will find. It has an impressive 450-ounce capacity, perfect for large dog breeds and multi-pet households.

Because of its large size, it will not be an ideal choice for toy breeds and smaller dogs because the bowl is too deep and the spout is too deep in the center of the bowl for them to reach. however, the central location of the spout prevents water from splashing beyond the bowl.

This fountain is made of high impact UV resistant plastic that can withstand temperatures above 40°F. therefore, it’s great for outdoor use and is the perfect backyard accessory for dogs who like to romp and play fetch.

This font is an excellent choice for small to medium breed dogs. It has a low sump for smaller dogs to drink from, and it has a level at the top with bubbling water that is easy for taller dogs to access. this design makes the fountain an ideal choice for households with multiple pets.

The water stream immediately runs down a chute to reduce splashing. this configuration can also make this fountain suitable for puppies who like to play with water. It’s also spike resistant, so pups will have a hard time taking it down.

The fountain also comes apart easily and the parts are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a very simple and convenient process.

The only reason we do not recommend this water fountain for large breed dogs is because of its small water holding capacity.

The Drinkwell 2 Gallon Pet Fountain is ideal for households with multiple pets and larger dog breeds. it can hold a lot of water, and the bowl is big enough for big dogs to use. dogs can also choose to lap up the water from the spout that flows from the spout located at the top of the fountain. The water flow is also adjustable, so it can be changed to a quieter setting for more timid and sensitive dogs.

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Although the fountain is made with large dogs in mind, the height of the spout is relatively low, so it can be uncomfortable for taller dogs to drink from. Many dog ​​owners also share experiences that the fountain worked great for a couple of months, but the pump broke down pretty quickly. therefore, the entire source must be monitored and maintained very well to reduce the chances of pump failure.

the pioneer stainless steel pet dog & The cat fountain raindrop design has a sleek, modern design that looks great in any modern room. It has a bubbling stream that makes a nice sound that encourages dogs to drink. the creek flows gently down a chute to reduce splashing and collects in a wide pool at the bottom.

The parts are dishwasher safe, but the design makes it difficult to disassemble and separate washable parts from the pump. if you’re not on top of cleaning this source regularly, it can build up pretty quickly.

Overall, this font poses the classic dilemma of fashion over comfort. looks great and has a unique appearance, but can be difficult to clean and maintain.

the original drinkwell plastic dog & The cat fountain has an unintimidating design that’s perfect for smaller dogs. The height of the spout is ideal for small dogs to drink comfortably without straining the neck. the creek also falls over a chute to reduce splashing. however, the size of the stream is quite round and wide, so it might encourage playful dogs to splash in the water.

All parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. the pump itself is not loud, but the jet of water is a bit stronger than other water fountains because it falls freely and hits the chute. This sound won’t deter most pets, and may even encourage them to drink from the fountain because they can hear the water flowing.

This dog fountain can hold over a gallon of water, making it great for households with multiple pets or larger dog breeds. It has an adjustable free-fall water jet with a ramp below to prevent splashing. dogs have the option of lapping up the water from the water jet or from the puddle of water that collects at the base of the fountain.

The font is very easy to clean. pieces come apart easily and are dishwasher safe The plastic is also bpa-free, making it very safe for dogs.

The spout is set high enough so that it shoots out a long stream of water. this is a nice feature because it allows dogs of all sizes to comfortably drink from the creek. however, playful pups can get distracted and start playing with the water.

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A common problem with customers is that this fountain clogs easily for long-haired dogs. therefore, it is best for short-haired or light-haired dogs.


buyer’s guide: choosing the best dog water fountains

When it comes to purchasing a new water fountain for your dog, there are several factors to consider. you’ll want to consider the material used, water capacity, and durability.

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For the most part, pet water fountains are made from three common materials:


Plastic water fountains are lightweight and the parts are usually easy to take apart for cleaning. They’re also usually the most affordable types of water fountains, and since plastic molds easily, you can find lots of cute and fun options.

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When looking at plastic water fountains, make sure the plastic is bpa-free so your dog can use it without getting sick. For convenience, select dishwasher-safe plastic. There are so many dishwasher-safe plastic water fountains out there that it’s really not worth buying one that’s only hand-washable.

stainless steel

These water fountains look more luxurious than plastic water fountains. They’re also resistant to bacteria, making them the best choice for puppies, older dogs, and dogs with weaker immune systems.

Stainless steel pans are fairly easy to clean and many are dishwasher safe as well. They tend to be more expensive than plastic water fountains, but you can still find some affordable options, like the Pioneer Dog & cat font raindrop design.


Ceramic water fountains have a more natural and neutral look. sensitive dogs may prefer ceramic to stainless steel because stainless steel can be very hard and cold to the touch. performs at a similar level to stainless steel when it comes to durability.

Ceramic bowls tend to be more durable than plastic bowls because they are scratch resistant. Some ceramic materials may contain an active ingredient in the enamel with antibacterial properties.

water capacity

One of the main reasons you might want to use a water fountain instead of a stationary water bowl is that it can encourage dogs to drink more water and stay well hydrated. therefore, you want to ensure that a water source has the correct water capacity.

In general, dogs should drink between ½ and 1 ounce of water per pound of their body weight. the amount of water he ingests will vary depending on factors, including the dog’s activity level, weather, pre-existing health conditions, and the type of food he eats.

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to select a water bowl that can hold more than your dog’s daily water intake. for example, a 50-pound dog should drink between 25 and 50 ounces of water per day. therefore, the maximum capacity of the water source must be at least 50 ounces.

bomb durability

be sure to look for a high quality pump that will run the entire water feature. One of the best ways to determine the quality of a pump is to read customer reviews. look for reviews that mention how long the customer has been using the water feature and how long the pump lasts.

A good pump can last for many years, while a poor quality pump can break in weeks or months. however, keep in mind that the longevity of the pump also depends on how well it is maintained. Be sure to follow the cleaning instructions and replace the filter at appropriate intervals to help keep the pump running smoothly.



After developing our reviews, we have concluded that the Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain is the best overall dog water fountain. Provides consistent flow in multiple directions, lasts a long time, and is easy to clean. we also like the frisco square dog & cat fountain because it’s an affordable option and has all the essential features you’ll need from a fountain.

Water fountains may seem like an over-the-top pet accessory, but they actually have significant benefits. they are a great way to help dogs stay hydrated and keep their water clean and safe.

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