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When someone goes missing, a search and rescue dog is likely to play a vital role in helping them. in fact, canine search and rescue teams are used around the world to overcome obstacles that humans alone cannot overcome. dogs can smell and move much better than any human, according to nova. their higher senses are critical to locating victims. Search and rescue dogs are trained to find people lost in the wild, buried under avalanches, drowned, or trapped in the rubble of a collapsed building. search and rescue dogs may specialize in finding living people in hopes of rescuing them or assisting law enforcement in locating human remains.

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Female dog parent in orange shirt leans down to praise her black and white rescue dog.

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It takes the right dog and handler to build a successful search and rescue team, and there are dedicated people who love, train, and then release their dogs in real life situations.

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mara jessup of michiana search dogs has two border collies: kenzi and kolt. True to their race, Kenzi (seven years old) and Kolt (two years old) were born needing a job to do. Although they are traditionally herding dogs, their instinct and desire to please make them easily trainable.

kenzi and kolt are trained to find living people in the desert and light disasters. “Search and rescue work is at least 95% training and maybe 5% actual searches. But being prepared when it’s needed makes all that training worth it,” says Mara.

colette falco, another search and rescue dog handler, echoes mara’s thoughts. She works alongside the Maricopa K9 Search and Rescue, a part of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona. Kya, her two-year-old Belgian Malinois, is a cadaver dog. “this simply means that she is trained to search for and alert on the presence of human remains”, explains colette, “she has already helped families locate their loved ones who have disappeared and unfortunately did not survive”. Although it is a somewhat negative result, the use of canine search and rescue teams allows families to find peace after tragedy.

Two woman lead a dog on a leash on a rescue mission

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Search and rescue dogs are invaluable when it comes to finding lost and trapped victims. In fact, Mara and Colette agree that canine search and rescue teams have a much higher success rate than humans searching alone. “This is due to the acute olfactory sensitivity of a dog’s nose and the ability to catalog and remember scent profiles,” says Colette.

Mara agrees, adding: “They’re using their noses instead of their eyes, and if the wind is right, they can detect human scent from a hundred meters away and follow it to the person and alert their guide. They also move faster than a person and can cover a large area much faster.”

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Dogs also have the ability to weave and navigate through tighter, tighter areas than humans, which helps their handlers know where to alert search and rescue teams where to focus their search. its ability to enter these smaller cracks, such as the rubble of a collapsed building, helps locate people in need of help without disturbing areas where it might not be critical if a human tried to search through them. the appearance of a rescue dog can also be a sense of peace for victims trapped in the rubble. it’s a hopeful sign that help is on the way.

canine search and rescue teams not only prepare for real disasters, but also display their capabilities in public demonstrations to show the value of working dogs. the real rescue work is often done behind the scenes, but your contributions to society need to be shown front and center.

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