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Are you looking for a tall dog that is white? Although the coat and color of dogs do not affect their personality, some people have a color preference. Small and toy dogs are often white, but there are many large dogs that are white. If you like tall white dogs and are looking for one as a pet, this list may help you choose.

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1. great pyrenees

Pyrenean Mountain Dogs are giant dogs native to the Pyrenees mountains in southern France and northern Spain. they were developed to protect livestock and assist in grazing sheep and goats. They are sometimes confused with Pyrenean Mastiffs, but they are different breeds. Pyrenean Mountain Dogs are also known as the Great Pyrenees of North America. they are adorable, devoted, intelligent, powerful and friendly dogs.

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origin: Pyrenees in southern France and northern Spain

height: male 27-32 inches (69-81 cm), female 25-29 inches (63-74 cm)

weight: male: 50-54 kg, female: 36-41 kg

useful life: 10 -12 years

2. rajapalayam hound

Rajapalayam dogs are white, tall, short and thick-coated and native to India. They are also known as polygar hounds and are native to the southern Indian city of Rajapalayam in the state of Tamilnadu, India. Rajapalayam dogs were bred for personal protection and to hunt wild boar and other medium-sized game. Rajapalayam are tall, strong, brave and healthy dogs that have great speed and endurance.

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origin: india

height: average 27-30, some can grow up to 32 inches

weight: 32 – 42 kg some up to 48 kg.

useful life: average of 10 years

3. Akbas

Akbas are tall, strong and brave dogs that originated in Turkey, where they are the natural breed. Akbas dogs are also known as Coban Kopegi. they are intelligent and alert, and were bred to protect livestock in cold mountain climates. they work well on mountain tracks in extremely cold weather.

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origin: western turkey

height: male: 71-86 cm (adult), female: 69-81 cm (adult)

weight: male: 41-64 kg (adult), female: 41 kg (adult)

useful life: 10-11 years

4. kuvasz

Kuvasz are giant dogs native to Hungary. Kuvasz go back many generations and were bred to protect livestock. They are loyal, intelligent, alert, courageous dogs and have an excellent sense of smell and a talent for hunting. Kuvasz has a thick, dense white double coat that varies from curly to straight. The Kuvasz is a very protective, strong and intelligent dog and can take on a wolf. their white fur helped shepherds identify them among a pack of wolves.

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origin: Hungarian origin

height: male 70-76 cm, female 65-70 cm

weight: males 100-115 pounds (45-52 kg), females 70-90 pounds (32-41 kg)

useful life: 10-12 years

5. komondor

Komondors are tall, shaggy white dogs that are also known as the Hungarian Sheepdog. Komondors are considered close relatives of the Kuvasz dogs that were bred to guard livestock and property. Komondors are alert, intelligent, powerful and naturally healthy dogs with excellent guarding and guarding abilities.

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origin: hungary

height: 25.5 to 27.5 inches

weight: 80 to 100 pounds

useful life: 8-10 years

6. Argentine dogo

The Dogo Argentino is a brave, powerful, medium to giant mastiff dog that has short, thick, white fur. They are native to Argentina and also known as Argentine Mastiffs. they were bred in 1928 for personal protection, to participate in dog fights and to hunt wild boar. The Argentine Dogo was created by mixing Cordoba Fighting Dogs with Great Danes and other Mastiff-type dogs. they are prized for their power, courage, and protection. They defend their own until the last breath.

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origin: Argentina

height: female: 60-65 cm, male: 60-68 cm

weight: female: 35-40 kg, male: 40-45 kg

useful life: 10-12 years

7. white shepherd

The White Shepherd is a relatively new breed that comes from the German Shepherd bloodline. They are native to Canada and the United States. White Shepherds are also known as Berger Blanc Swiss, American-Canadian White Shepherd, White German Shepherd, White German Shepherd, Weisser Schweizer, Weiße Schäferhunde. They are medium-sized, white, shaggy dogs bred as companion and protection dogs. They are intelligent, enthusiastic, alert and fearless dogs, extremely loyal and brave, and trustworthy with children and small pets.

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origin: america and switzerland

height: male: 60-65 cm, female: 55-60 cm

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weight: male: 35-40 kg, female: 35-40 kg

useful life: 12-14 years

8. the cretan hound

Cretan Hounds are the ancient hunting dogs of Europe. They are naturally healthy, energetic, alert and intelligent dogs that have a high alertness and herding nature. They are ancient European bloodhounds that developed on the Greek island of Crete about 3,500 to 4,000 years ago. Although their reproductive history is unknown, it is commonly believed that they were introduced to Europe from Africa. they have a good sense of smell and are a combination of sighthounds and hounds. they are reliable with children and other pets.

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origin: greece

height: man 55-65 cm woman 50-60 cm

weight: average 15-22 kg

useful life: 14 years

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9. Samoyed

Samoyeds are medium-sized, muscular, shaggy, white dogs native to Siberia. They got their name from the Samoyed peoples of Siberia. Samoyed dogs were bred for hunting and sledding. They have great energy and stamina. A well-trained Samoyed is a gentle, devoted, playful and very friendly dog ​​who loves everyone.

Samoyed physical traits

origin: siberia

height: female: 48-53 cm, male: 53-60 cm

weight: female: 17-25 kg, male: 20-32 kg

shelf life: 12-13 years

10. kishu

The Kishu or Kishu Inu is a medium-sized, white, ancient hunting dog from the Kishu region of Japan. They are very loyal and devoted dogs and moderate barkers. They are alert and intelligent dogs and have an excellent talent for hunting.

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origin: japan

height: male: 49-55 cm, female: 43-49 cm

weight: male: 14-27 kg, female: 14-27 kg

shelf life: 11-13 years

top 10 tallest white dogs

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