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Owning a dog means dealing with dog poop every day. it is natural and part of the pet owner’s process. As mundane as it is to handle dog poop, we often go into autopilot mode while taking care of our dog’s business. however, that’s not to say that once we notice a change in our dog’s poop, we don’t react with curiosity to identify what’s causing the change in color or consistency.

A dog’s poop can tell us a lot about what’s going on inside its body. Just like humans, when a dog has diarrhea we often assume he is experiencing an upset stomach or fighting an infection. It is important to know that although our pet’s behavior is not out of the ordinary, it is possible that he is internally battling with a more serious problem. Lucky for you, knowing what to look for in dog poop can help you take the next step in giving your dog the attention he needs.

In this blog post, we’ll cover how to identify the issues that can cause your dog’s poop to turn yellow, so you can understand exactly what to do when this happens.

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  • how is dog poop healthy?
  • why does my dog ​​have yellow poop?
  • is yellow poop a medical emergency?

how is dog poop healthy?

Hopefully it’s not a surprise here, but healthy dog ​​poop is usually brown. While there is no “correct” shade of brown that is the clear definition of healthy poop, the shade of brown depends on exactly what your dog is eating. You’ll also notice a variation of the brown coloration if certain dog treats or foods are infused with food dyes.

What does your dog’s poop color mean?

so what turns fecal matter brown anyway? the brown color is the result of the digestion process, which is when the breakdown of bile and food matter occurs. Bile is a key component of healthy digestion, as it helps the intestines break down food. while most of the bile is normally reabsorbed as food is digested, some remains trapped. As the food continues to be broken down and digested, the leftover bile changes color until it eventually turns brown.

However, keep in mind that each dog’s body processes food differently depending on the type of food or treats eaten and what food colors or ingredients are included. while there is no “one size fits all” for what is normal dog poop, it will vary from dog to dog.

why does my dog ​​have yellow poop?

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Reasons for yellow dog poop

While there are several reasons why your dog’s poop has turned yellow, there’s no immediate concern that makes you feel the need to head to the pet hospital. Think of it this way: Consider yellow dog poop as a warning sign. Pet owners should familiarize themselves with the main causes of a change in stool colors because it’s a simple yet effective approach to better understand what’s going on inside your furry friend.

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Yellow poop can be a bit alarming at first, but there’s no immediate need for pet owners to worry. Food intolerance is a major cause of yellow dog poop, and hopefully owners can be traced back to when exactly the change occurred.

If you recently changed your pet’s food, it may take a little while for your dog to adjust to the new food or treats. or tried some new treats, wait a few days to determine how your dog’s body will adjust before asking for medical backup. If yellow dog poop continues for a long time or doesn’t clear up on its own, consider changing the food to avoid further upsetting your stomach.

Sick dog due to digestion issues

digestion problems

Another cause of yellow dog poop can be the result of indigestion. As we know, a change in our dog’s food or diet can lead to an upset stomach, which in turn often results in yellowish dog poop. When this irritation is frequent, your dog’s body works diligently to try to quickly get rid of so-called foreign matter or food that it’s not used to, and therefore often leads to diarrhea that tends to be yellow in color. The reason dog poop turns yellow is because when the body is trying to get rid of these pesky triggers, it doesn’t give the body enough time for the bile to process them properly.


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If you’re sure your dog hasn’t eaten any new treats or food, then it’s possible that your dog’s yellow poop is a sign of a bacterial or parasitic infection in your dog’s digestive tract. If an infection is not treated, it could develop into a bigger and more serious problem.

In addition to a bacterial infection, another possible cause of an infection could be the result of a parasite in your dog’s intestines or digestive tract. If you notice that yellow dog poop persists beyond remedy, it may be time to schedule a visit with a veterinarian to better diagnose if your pet has an infection.

he ate something he wasn’t supposed to

Dog toys are left on the floor, or we leave out “human” items that could be harmful to our pets if they decide to try them as a new snack or chew toy.2 It happens to the best of us. many products or household items that contain yellow dyes can be the cause of your dog’s poop turning yellow.

For example, has your dog been chewing on yellow crayons or chalk? While these items are non-toxic, the yellow dyes can trigger enough to turn dog poop yellow. There’s no doubt our pets are always exploring what’s the next best item to get their paws on.

If you changed your dog

How about a tennis ball? the same thing. If your pet has been gnawing on a yellow ball or toy, the fibers from the toys may also end up turning your dog’s poop yellow. If you notice that your dog’s poop has traces of random yellow spots or stringy objects, this could be a telltale sign that your pet is eating something with a yellow pigment or elements.

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is yellow poop a medical emergency?

Yellow dog poop is not something that requires an immediate trip to the ER, but it’s also not something dog owners should take lightly.2 Yellow dog poop can be due to a number of causes, including indigestion and a reaction to a new food, but it can also be an underlying cause of serious health problems, such as bacterial or parasitic infections. If you notice your dog’s poop is yellow, it’s important to get it checked out to make sure there aren’t any serious problems.

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