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A dog leash out of leather

Leather dog leashes not only look stylish, but are also more durable than nylon. a leather strap won’t start to look dirty or slip off your hand easily. leather is made to last, although it may be an investment.

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Once you begin your search for leather dog leashes, you’ll quickly discover that there are countless options.

To make your search easier, we’ve compiled a list of reviews of the 10 best leather dog leashes, as well as a buyer’s guide so you know exactly what features to look for.

a quick look at the 2022 winners:

the 10 best leather leashes for dogs

The leather feels stiff at first, which is to be expected from full grain leather – they are not treated with oils to soften them, so you will have to do it yourself. simply using the leash will also break it.

Although the hardware is strong, the thin leather on this strap is at risk of tearing.

This leash comes in only one length, so it might be too long for your breed of dog. Although latigo leather is a premium option, it also involves more chemical treatment than the others. you should make sure that your dog does not chew it or put it in his mouth.

Although the leather on this strap is of good quality, the clasp is weak. over time, it stops closing properly. leather is also stiff and lacks flexibility.

The leather of this strap is not that thick, which leads us to think that it is of poorer quality, even though it is whip leather. it also stretches easily because it is thinner and more flexible. Lastly, there is only one length option, so if you want a shorter strap, this might not be the best option.

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The stitching on the strap seems shoddy as it comes undone easily. the leather is slim in size and stretches. it also has a chemical odor from the tanning process, which could be a concern for some dog owners.

The leather on this thin strap stretches easily, so it can easily tear or split over time. If you have a larger, stronger dog, it’s best to look for a more durable leash.

However, the closure of this strap is not reliable. it opens easily which is dangerous because your dog can escape and the seams can rip so the durability of the leash is questionable. Leather also stretches, which can make you feel like you’re not in control of your dog while he’s walking.

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The strap is only ½ inch wide, which is thinner than most of the other straps on our list. leather also tends to be so soft that it stretches, which can make you feel like your dog has snapped off the leash. if pulled too hard, the leather can break, especially in large, strong dogs.

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The tanning process produces a strong chemical odor that takes time to dissipate. The carabiner, while strong, is difficult to hook onto small collars. leather scratches easily and is stiff at first, requiring a great deal of conditioning and maintenance. Lastly, the leather stretches on this leash, which can make you feel like you’re not in control of your dog.

buyer’s guide: how to find the best leather dog leash

When shopping for the best leather dog leash for your needs, there are many things to consider. we’ve included them in this handy buyer’s guide to help you in your search.


leather dog leashes are more durable than nylon because they won’t fray or puncture. if you keep them clean and oiled, they can last a lifetime. but this also depends on how each leather strap is made. The best leather dog leashes have thick, high-quality leather that is water resistant.


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For most dogs, five to six feet is a comfortable leash length for walking. for smaller dogs, you can do it with four or five feet. There are also short leashes that are only around 18″ long. These are for keeping your dog glued to the heel, especially in dangerous situations like walking in traffic.

comfort design features

many straps offer supple leather, which is more comfortable to hold. there are also straps with padded handles.

materials used

There are different types of leather used in dog leashes:

  1. genuine leather is the most common. it is strong but will not have the shine of other highly treated leathers. it is prone to cracking, so be sure to keep it oiled.
  2. cowhideis completely natural and untreated. It is unbleached, with cowhide and hair. this is a less common leather strap option.
  3. premium leather has been treated with oils to make it shine. the top layer of leather has also been removed to prevent blemishes and make it more durable.
  4. whip leather is the most expensive option because it is double tanned and infused with oils and waxes . leather is usually shinier and lasts longer, but can be more chemically treated than the other options.

In addition to the leather, it is also important to take into account the hardware used. heavy duty brass hardware will be more durable. treating the hardware in some way, whether it’s aged or lacquered, will allow it to withstand the elements.

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Our overall pick for the best leather dog leash is the Soft Touch Braided Leather Dog Leash with Collar because it looks stylish and isn’t treated with harsh chemicals so you can be sure it’s safe. use it with your dog. it is naturally tanned and has lacquered solid brass hardware, which helps it withstand the elements.

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Our top pick is the Fairwin Pet-SJA004 Braided Leather Dog Leash because it’s available in four different widths and lengths, so you’ll be able to find the perfect leash for your dog. the hardware is built to be strong, weighing in at 500 lbs. pulling force.

We hope our reviews and buyer’s guide to the best leather dog leashes have helped you narrow down your own list to find the best leash for your dog.

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