How many dogs can you have in oklahoma

Dogs that are allowed to run free are a threat to other people and pets in our community, especially children, delivery people and the elderly. Help protect them from injury and protect yourself from fines and potential personal injury lawsuits by safely confining your dogs in an enclosure they can’t escape from.

City ordinances require pet owners to follow basic health and safety guidelines for all pets, for the safety of all residents, visitors, and the animals themselves.

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Call 911 if you are being threatened by a dangerous loose animal, or if you see another person or pet being attacked by a dangerous loose animal. dispatchers can dispatch police officers in an emergency and contact animal welfare officers for assistance.

confinement and leashes for dogs

all dogs in the city of oklahoma must be confined to their property or leashed, as required by city ordinance. dog parks are among limited exceptions.

a fence that is strong and tall enough to keep a dog confined is sufficient to comply with the ordinance.

City ordinance gives police and animal welfare officers the authority to seize dogs that are not confined or leashed.

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pets that are not spayed or neutered are often more difficult to keep confined. spaying or neutering the pet can limit the animal’s desire to roam and mate, and can also make your pet less aggressive.

many city of oklahoma residents may qualify for the free animal welfare spay/neuter program. Call (405) 316-3663 or email [email protected]v for more details.

aggressive or dangerous animals

Call 911 in any situation where you’re in danger, whether it’s an aggressive animal or not.

If it is not an immediate emergency, call (405) 297-2255 to report an aggressive or dangerous animal. be prepared to provide information about the animal and its location, along with a statement from a victim or witness.

According to city ordinances, it is illegal to allow a dog to display threatening behavior or to own a dangerous dog. dangerous or threatening dogs may be seized and their owners may be cited.

find more information about aggressive or dangerous animals and other topics on the animal control page on the animal welfare website.

City ordinance also prohibits pet owners from allowing their dog to continuously bark or howl.

requirements to have pets

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pet owners in the city of oklahoma should provide their animals with safe, nutritious food, clean water, adequate space, and adequate shelter from inclement weather. Basic veterinary care is also required to prevent suffering.

According to city ordinances, it is illegal to abandon animals, fight with them, be cruel to them, or allow them to chase vehicles, jump on people, or continually bark.

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Homes are limited to no more than four dogs and four cats over 6 months of age. all dogs and cats 4 months of age and older must be vaccinated against rabies, and the pet must carry a current rabies vaccination at all times.

Pet owners should pick up pet waste on public and private property, including other people’s yards, parks, and sidewalks or trails.

Find animal care tips and other resources on the education and resources page of the animal welfare website.

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