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Disturbing videos of dogs covered in boiling water and roasted alive show the grim reality of China’s gruesome and unsanitary dog ​​meat markets.

Activists have shared gray photos and videos as they prepare to march on the country’s embassy in London, demanding an end to trade.

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Throughout the year, dogs are kept in small cages near other animals and are skinned alive and slaughtered on the spot with no regard for sanitation.

graphic images that metro.co.uk has chosen not to publish show a dog continuing to bark and open its bloody jaw as it is roasted alive.

Two men in the market can be heard chatting and laughing as the tortured creature shudders on the grill.

Another video taken in China’s Hubei province shows boiling water being poured over a bloodied, half-shaven dog before it screams in pain and limps across the concrete floor.

Although dog beatings, stabbings, poisoning, and choking are well documented across the country, the animal’s meat is still in high demand in some regions.

Around 10 million dogs and four million cats are killed each year in the People’s Republic, stolen from backyards, crammed into cages in the backs of trucks, and driven for days without food or water.

according to humane society international, only 20% of china’s population eat dog regularly and only 65% ​​have tried it.

The group says that the vast majority of demand comes from the southern, central and northeastern regions of the country.

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since 2012 no to dog meat has been documenting the cruel treatment of these defenseless animals, but the coronavirus epidemic in china has presented an opportunity to make new cases to end the industry.

Its activists warn that the disease abounds in crowded and unsanitary live animal markets and urge the people’s republic to take immediate action.

They have launched a petition calling for an immediate end to markets where dogs are stabbed, clubbed and burned to death, surrounded by thousands of customers and other animals.

A message from the group reads: ‘Your food markets have no control over sanitation and neither do most of your restaurants.

‘It is time to end the live killing and abject cruelty towards dogs and cats in your markets (including wuhan). It’s time to end the illegal trade in cats and dogs for food and fur.”

The charity’s CEO, Julia de Cadenet, told metro.co.uk: “We want to put pressure on the Chinese authorities to say that the public killing of all animals must stop.”

says he has personally witnessed horrific mutilations of monkeys, rats, tortoises and various species, but that dogs “in particular are treated worse.”

The activist added: “When they skin them for skins, they will skin them alive and burn the skin and then throw the carcass of the animal alive so the pigs can gorge on it.”

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Sometimes skinned animals are left on the ground to die slowly before becoming food for animals or humans.

julia said: ‘because it is kind of a covert industry, obviously they are slaughtered and sold on sight, the funds that are collected go back to the black market and therefore it is also criminal’

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While dogs are often bred for food and fur in countries like South Korea, in China they are almost always stolen as pets or snatched off the streets as strays.

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Julia says that many of the animals will not be vaccinated and the unregulated nature of the business means that it is impossible to maintain a consistent level of hygiene.

the activist added: “morals aside, ethics aside, let’s just take the basic facts of dogs and cats being kept in dirty conditions with feces and urine around, next to poultry, next to shellfish , all different species and then publicly slaughtered”. there is cross contamination.’

julia, from central london, wishes to emphasize that the ‘horror show’ industry is not just something that people in the west are concerned about.

His charity works with the locals on the ground with whom they run a shelter that houses over 450 dogs.

some of them are ready for adoption, but they will need to remain where they are for the foreseeable future to ensure they do not present a contamination risk or be seized by authorities.

julia: ‘we’re not pointing fingers at home and running a campaign against asia, that’s definitely not what we’re doing.

‘the problem in china is that they don’t have facebook, they don’t have twitter, they don’t have youtube.

‘One of our volunteers recently had his phone confiscated. His work found out that he had a vpn and was posting on twitter about some dogs that needed to be adopted.”

said that a couple of years ago, two students who helped the charity save some dogs during the annual yulin festival were arrested by authorities, one of whom they haven’t heard from since.


julia added: ‘they don’t have the means to talk like we do, and you think ‘well, they’re living there and they can find out what’s going on’, well I can tell you that it’s very difficult even when you’re in china what’s going on everywhere. you are not allowed to speak.’

click here to sign no to the dog meat petition.

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