Top 10 Long-Living Cat Breeds

We would like to introduce here 10 cat breeds that have a longer lifespan than other cats!

#1 Asian Tabby (lifespan is 17-20 years or more)


Tabby has strong health that makes this cat breed a long-living.

There were several oldest cats in the world of Tabby breed:

– Creme Puff (a Tabby mix, the USA), her reported age was 38 years, 3 days;

– Puss (United Kingdom)- 36 years, 1 day;

– Ma (United Kingdom) – 34 years, 5 months;

– Nutmeg (United Kingdom) – 32 years.

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    #2 Sphynx (lifespan is 15-20 years)


    Sphynx has strong health and doesn`t require a lot of care. The only thing you should remember, he can get cold due to his bald coat.

    The most famous long-living Sphynx is Granpa Rexs Allen (the USA). His reported age was 34 years, 2 months.

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      #3 Siamese (lifespan is 16-20 years or more)


      Siamese cats are prone to respiratory diseases, so it is very important that there are no drafts in the house! As for nutrition, the Siamese are not picky.

      The most famous long-living Siamese cat was Scooter (the USA): his reported age was 30 years.

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        #4 Burmese cat (lifespan is 18-20 years)

        #5 Savannah cat (lifespan is 18-20 years)


        Savannah cat has excellent strong health and can live up to 20 years or even more.

        There should be raw meat in the daily ration of this cat breed because it will help to extend the life span as well as taurine, which must be given in order to remove wool from the stomach.

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          #6 Bombay cat (lifespan is 15-22 years)


          This cat requires a balanced diet, so there should be cereals, egg yolks, boiled meat and fish and, of course, fruits in his daily ration.

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